A Guide to Visiting Egypt in the Summer: The Benefits, Weather, Travel Tips, and What to Pack


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Egypt has two main seasons: summer and winter. Winter starts in November, lasting all through April, while summer starts in May and lasts until October. For Egypt, summer is quite dry and can be scorching at certain times throughout the day, which makes this time of the year an off-peak season for tourism. Nonetheless, even with the scorching desert heat, traveling to Egypt during the summer months should not be out of the question. While the climate is a lot milder during winter, there are a few indisputable advantages of visiting Egypt in summer.

The following is a rundown of the advantages of traveling to Egypt in May, June, July, August, and September (note that the latter part of September and October usually cools down considerably) along with tips, things to do and see, and what to expect (weatherwise) as well as the basics to bring during the trip.

The Benefits of Travelling to Egypt During Summer

There are Much Fewer Tourists

Generally, no one wants to encounter endless tourists during their trip. The peak season in Egypt typically sees tombs, mosques, monuments, and other attractions swarming with visitors, meaning that tours will take longer overall. Spending more time waiting in line means you might miss some of the must-see sights on your list. If you’re traveling during the hottest time of the year, you will mostly be able to avoid these crowds. Traveling in summer will give you more time to explore Egypt’s culture and history, capture memories and photos to last a lifetime, and soak up the desert views.

Prices Might be Lower

Since summer is off-season, flights, hotel prices, and Egypt tour packages might be priced lower compared to the high season. Based on the length of your stay, going to Egypt during the summer months could help shave off hundreds of dollars from your overall trip cost. This would give you more money to spend on souvenirs at Cairo’s famed souk, Khan-el-Khalili. You may also upgrade your hotel room to enjoy a more luxurious suite.

Air-conditioned Transportation Should Help Keep You Cool

Regardless of how hot Egypt gets during summer, you still have the option of riding in a private, air-conditioned vehicle, which you could book when planning your Egypt tour. A comfortable, temperature-controlled ride should help make all the difference when you’re exploring the country on the warmest of summer days.

What to Do and See in Egypt During Summer

Spend some time on the country’s beautiful beaches

While beaches might not necessarily be less crowded during the sunny, warm weather, summer is still a great time of the year to experience Egypt’s coast. Sharm El-Sheikh and Hurghada should be among your top destination options to see if you’re planning on exploring Egypt during the summer. You have as much as 14 hours of sunshine every day, which is ideal for wading, sunbathing, water sports, and swimming. More on this later.

Go Sailing along the Nile

Board a simple Egyptian sailboat called a felucca and cruise along one of the most iconic water bodies in the world. Stop along the route to relax, swim, or simply take in the sweeping river views. Most private tour providers can easily accommodate a sail on the Nile, offering memorable and immersive experiences through river Nile cruises. Just ask in case it’s not listed on your itinerary.

Scuba-dive in the Red Sea

While it’s technically an extension of the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea is a renowned inlet that forms one of the world’s premier scuba-diving destinations. And considering that temperatures in the Red Sea hover around the 80s during summer, you’re likely to spend more time in the water. You can expect excellent views of marine life and coral reefs, not to mention great photo ops.