9 Reasons To Buy A Car New Versus Used


Bespoke Options

From panoramic views and built-in touchscreens to leather upholstery and the perfect colour, purchasing a brand new vehicle allows you to completely opt for bespoke options. Instead of having to deal with features that a previous owner wanted, you can ensure that you drive the car of your dreams!

Better Impressions

If you care about what people think, driving a new model vehicle is trendy and turns heads. Though modern cars aren’t always the better looking option, for the most part, they are innovative and unique. In short, a new car allows you to stay on top of the latest automotive trends.

Better Safety

Without a doubt, advancements in technology help ensure that new cars on the market have the latest and greatest safety features. Though antilock brakes and airbags have been an industry norm for a long time, you’re missing out on better technology such as autonomous emergency braking systems that help prevent car accidents. Buying a new vehicle eliminates major pain points for drivers and ensures that the latest technology is present for health and safety.

Better Reliability

New vehicles have a longer lifespan and due to the modern technology used to manufacture them, they’re more reliable and accurate when it comes to reaching their destinations. A used vehicle may provide great savings and an environmentally-friendly alternative, but older vehicles often end up needing costly and unforeseen repairs. Most importantly, many car manufacturers offer a warranty on their vehicles which provides drivers with a peace of mind.

Better Warranty

Briefly touched upon in the previous point, new vehicles come with extended warranties and should something fall apart, you can get it fixed free of charge. In fact, many manufacturers offer their warranties to cover anywhere from three to seven years of regular use. If you want to stop stressing about your next road trip, getting a new car allows you to breathe easy and relax.

Better Fuel Economy

Though petrol powered vehicles are still going strong, no one can deny the fuel economy of driving hybrid or fully electric vehicles. This means fewer trips to the petrol station or less charging time as your car will serve your needs better with enhanced fuel economy.

Enhanced Performance

Not only does a new car offer fuel economy, but better performance and drive as well. That means any modern vehicle you opt for will handle easier and drive smoother than any ten year old car. These technological advancements also allow you to select larger vehicles than you normally would consider.


Modern car manufacturers allow drivers to remain connected at all times via satellite, live navigation, WiFi, and boots that operate remotely. Basically, if you love technology, opting for a brand new car ensures that you have the latest and greatest vehicle to drive for years to come! When getting a new car in the UK you also may want to get some Koni shock absorbers to find out more see ”Koni shock absorbers UK”.

Better Financing

There are a myriad of financing options available for purchasing new vehicles, unlike used ones. By placing a reasonable deposit amount and having decent established credit, you can drive a car off the lot for a low monthly installment price. In fact, purchasing a new car isn’t all that different from financing a brand new smartphone nowadays! It’s also well worth mentioning that many dealerships also offer steep discounts or competitive interest rates in an effort to meet their established sales quotas. This means you’re not just getting a good deal, but a great one while having the opportunity to drive a new vehicle every two or three years. People with poor credit will also usually have an easier time getting financing through a dealership versus opting for a used car.