Summer cleaning tips


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While we’ve heard of Spring cleaning, is there a particular method for cleaning during the Summer? Even though we can’t always count on it in the UK, this mostly dryer and warmer season present a great chance to tackle some seasonal cleaning duties that seem troublesome throughout the remaining part of the year. Additionally, certain aspects of a house require extra attention during this season. Therefore, we will explore the top 5 ways to clean in the Summer.

Extreme heat, particularly during heatwaves, can pose unique challenges to maintaining household cleanliness. Food items with limited shelf life tend to spoil more quickly, resulting in unpleasant smells and mold growth in both trash bins and cupboards. Therefore, it is crucial to enlist the services of professional cleaning and maintenance contractors to take necessary measures and prevent these issues from occurring. 

Bin Odour

When it comes to kitchen and outside wheelie bins, liquid leaks can accumulate and cause unpleasant smells in warm weather. To prevent this, outside bins should be cleaned regularly during hot weather. However, due to their size, it may be challenging for some individuals to maneuver them. As for kitchen bins, sanitizing the bin and sprinkling baking powder in the dry base can help prevent odors from occurring. This is particularly relevant to knowledgeable readers who are seeking neutral and informative content on general household hygiene.

Fly Irritation

If you’ve noticed a surge of small fruit flies in your kitchen during the Summer, it isn’t always an indication of decaying food being present, although it’s worth checking stored potatoes or onions. Flies are drawn to any trace of food, so it’s essential to keep kitchen counters and workstations clean. After any spills, quickly tidy up, and maintain work surfaces’ regular sanitation.

Ensuring a clutter-free environment

During school holidays, it can be difficult to keep a clean home, as More people are present and may not contribute to cleaning. However, take advantage of the kids being around and perform a wardrobe amnesty, as Summer is the perfect time for large-scale clothing decluttering.


Encourage your children to try on all their clothing and separate the clothes they have outgrown or no longer wear. This will create additional space and make it easier to maintain ongoing cleanliness. Similarly, if you have not decluttered in a while, you can follow the same strategy.

Preparation for Autumn

Prepare for autumn weather by taking an afternoon to gather all your clothing and accessories, including school uniforms, coats, hats, and scarves, out of storage. Clean and dry them to have them ready for use in the upcoming season. Doing this during warmer weather will save you time compared to waiting for the unpredictable conditions of autumn. 

Outside Areas

Undoubtedly, we all desire to relish spending additional time outdoors during the Summer season. Aside from scorching heat waves, the weather is generally agreeable. In countries like the UK, there is a certain novelty to being outdoors. However, if one wants to turn the outdoors into a comfortable living space, it is essential to keep it clean and well-maintained to ensure a pleasurable experience.

BBQ Cleaning

When it comes to dining alfresco, cleaning the BBQ grill can be the least enjoyable task. However, you can make this process easier by using apple cider vinegar in combination with crumpled aluminum foil to effectively scrub away any leftover grime and grease. This helps to eliminate any unpleasantness associated with maintaining a clean barbecue.


Given that patio doors are constantly left open, there tends to be an increased flow of traffic between the indoors and outdoors, leading to the tracking in of grass, soil, leaves, and sand.