Calisthenics Training


Calisthenics is a form of workout where the body weight is the sole source of resistance during training. This means that one does not require the use of any equipment such as dumbbells, barbells, or resistance bands.

Many individuals associate bodyweight exercises with basic exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups, and squats. Nonetheless, bodyweight exercises can become intricate and demanding, with push-ups being just the beginning. As you progress, you may end up performing more challenging exercises such as planche push-ups.

Your progress in calisthenics is affected by how much you enjoy it, how determined you are, and how consistent you are in your training routine.



Establishing a home gym can come with high costs, even for the most basic equipment, such as dumbbells. As you progress and become more proficient, you may need to purchase additional weights, which can increase your expenses by several hundred dollars.

If you engage in calisthenics, you’ll just require your body and potentially a bar to perform pull-ups. By making a one-time investment in these essentials, you’ll possess all the necessary equipment to strengthen your physique.

Train Anywhere

Calisthenics has the advantage of being easily accessible regardless of location, as it can be practiced in small hotel rooms or remote areas in nature.

To carry out your training, you only require a small area of about a few square feet. As long as you have enough space to lie down and some clearance overhead, you will have all the room you need.

If individuals who are imprisoned have the ability to perform calisthenics despite their confined living space, then you do not have any legitimate reasons for not engaging in physical activity. 

Functional Training

In my opinion, exercise should serve as a means to enhance one’s quality of life. Practicing calisthenics can teach you how to move your body in various ways.

To maintain a high quality of life, it is essential to have a body that can support your mind and soul. The inability to walk, rise from the ground, or transport your groceries can have a significant impact on your well-being.

Engaging in bodyweight exercises can aid in developing body awareness and strength. Moreover, increasing your body awareness can result in better mobility and prevention against injuries in the long run.

Excellent Conditioning

When considering conditioning exercises, most people think of cardio exercises, which typically involve calisthenics-based activities like jogging, jumping rope, and burpees. These bodyweight exercises can be quite challenging and effective in improving your physical endurance. In fact, skipping rope is not essential, but simply hopping can still provide significant conditioning benefits.

During boot camp scenes in war movies, and in depictions of spartan warriors or gladiators in action movies, as well as among MMA fighters and boxers, calisthenics are a common sight. These individuals engage in calisthenics training to aid them in enduring their physical demands.

Incorporating calisthenics into your routine is essential if you aim to improve your physical fitness and endurance. If you are in the Woking or surrounding area and looking for a gym then I recommend taking a look at gyms around Woking.


Physical Therapy

Calisthenics may not be an ideal form of exercise for individuals who have undergone surgery or are dealing with an injury.

Following knee surgery, it may not be feasible to perform a bodyweight squat without support, and you may require a machine to assist you.

Although Bodyweight exercises are considered basic, they can still be quite challenging, especially if you lack the necessary strength. For instance, performing a pull-up or push-up could be difficult, particularly if you have a shoulder injury.

Incorporating a lightweight dumbbell in your workout regime can be beneficial in isolating a specific muscle group, enabling it to recover and strengthen efficiently. Contrastingly, calisthenics involves engaging multiple muscles simultaneously, which can limit your control over any existing injuries.